Established in 2017, Kente Gentlemen is first and foremost a clothing brand, with each piece tailored in unique style and contemporary design. The first name in Kente Gentlemen praises the Kente cloth, a landmark textile and cultural icon of Africa, originating from the Ashanti Kingdom, land of our forefathers.

We do it for the culture.

Every finished, tailored piece is indeed fitted, cut, and sewn from fabrics made on the continent’s soil; with high respects paid to the rich textile heritage and local craftsmanship spread well throughout its borders.

Handmade in Côte d'Ivoire

The quality of our tailoring and its social impact will forever be essential to us. As we remain committed in involving a community of hand-weavers, artists, tailors, and artisans; as to provide opportunities for the local economy and share the beauty of Africa to consumers around the world. The equation to which is quite simple: we create and sell a piece to you; our artisans get a cut; our tailors get a cut; all fair and square, and well above their usual pay rates.

The brand is much bigger than one person. At the core, there is three of us. Me, Aristide Loua, the Founder – Creative Director. Sydney Bagrou, our Chief Financial Officer. Cyprien Mvuanda, our Chief Technology Officer. And collectively, we work to sincerely provide a platform inside which we can tell stories and share emotions through clothes, photographs, texts, ideas and concepts.

To us, Kente Gentlemen therefore becomes more than a clothing brand, especially in such an interconnected world. It is also a means for us, by us, to discover, value, celebrate, and narrate our diverse sociocultural heritage and identities through fashion, aesthetics, photography, and other visual arts. And it’s only fair that we embrace and portray those rightful attributes to the global village we all belong to.

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