About NG.


Be the primary destination for consumers to discover, explore, and purchase black-owned, black-made, and black-produced premium products and services, easily.


We do not equate luxury with price, we equate luxury with experience. When we label an item or brand as luxury, it consists of a combination of the qualities below…

  • craftsmanship
  • reputation
  • exclusivity
  • detail
  • experience

Many of the items we list do claim a premium price listing, however, this is often due to the fact that providing the qualities above requires financial resources.


Black-owned and luxury belong in the same sentence. We serve to make it simple to indulge in a lifestyle and discussion that many have attempted to deny and reject from us. We, as a culture, deserve all the things, and we can support brothers and sisters in the process.


We are proudly Black- and Woman- owned.