Attyre powers online and boutique retail brands with luxury same day delivery service. We enable our favorite local brands to meet the growing on-demand needs of their local customers. Think of Attyre as a personal concierge service for local apparel, beauty, jewelry, and lifestyle companies and for those who can appreciate an elevated delivery experience. We believe the delivery, the unboxing, and the actual product should all be experienced.

the new standard.

Attyre was founded in 2019 in Atlanta, GA by Rhea Perkins, an educator by trade and innovator by heart. Her life’s mantra is to “open glass ceilings and solidify slippery floors.” As the founder of Attyre, she is committed to creating careers and opportunities for other innovators of color. With Attyre as the budding premier same day delivery shopping platform, Rhea plans to do just that… create space for other innovators of color similar to herself.

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