Dope Pieces presents the best in Contemporary, Fine, Urban, and Street Art. Each piece highlights the vibrancy, flavor, and pulse of today’s artists, ranging from the classically trained to the self-taught, to the urban street artist. Their puzzles bring art to life piece by piece.

The Dope Pieces Puzzle Company

The mission for Dope Pieces Puzzle Company is to produce puzzles that were visually stimulating, unique, beautiful, edgy, and exciting. They will showcase the work of talented artists of color, while affirming a positive narrative of the black and brown diaspora.

Kris Hale, founder.

Hale hopes the company will play an integral role in the New Black Renaissance that is being driven by an intentional cultural shift in the Black community. A shift that is steeped in economic empowerment through conscious consumerism (buying Black), and driven by a new mandate that says, “We will be visible and will only support brands that affirm and feature our full existence.”

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